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Philodendron Pink Princess

Philodendron Pink Princess

SKU: 01090
PriceFrom $10.00

The Philodendron Pink Princess has been highly sough-after by plant enthusiast because of its stunning hot-pink variegation.


Like other philodendrons, this is a fast-growing houseplant that will thrive in bright indirect sunlight and airy well-draining soil. The Pink Princess is a vining plant so be sure to provide it a trellis or moss pole for best results.


The actual plant you will receive may have slight variations in variegation and size. The picture of the Pink Princess Philodendron tray shows you a sample of the plants we have in stock with low, medium and high variegation.


"High variegation" has multiple nicely variegated leaves.

"Medium variegation" will have one or two variegated leaves.

"Low variegation" will have maybe a few speckles here and there - some people may refer to these as "reverted" or as "burgundy princess".


    Will come in a 4" nursery pot.


    No returns. No exchanges. All sales are final.


    Shipped potted in soil.

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