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Seedling - White Wizard

Seedling - White Wizard

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Philodendron White Wizard grown from our from lab's tissue cultures! If you don't have the time or energy to buy tissue cultures and grow them yourselves, no problem! We grow our seedlings in great conditions, so they grow healthy and quickly and are ready to continue growing under your care!  Only a very small percentage of seedlings ever show variegation at this early stages.


We offer them in 3 variegation options in addition to individually listed plants.


- High: Beautifully variegated that is showing clear variegation in all or almost all the leaves. These will grow to be stunning specimens


- Medium: Still beautiful plants that show clear variegation on at least 2 or more leaves.


- Low/Reverted: Seedlings that show little to no variegation on existing leaves. They may or may not develop variegation as the seedling grows. All our seedlings are tissue cultured from the same mother plant though

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    2" square nursery pots.


    No returns. No exchanges. All sales are final.


    Shipped in their nursery pot.

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